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Safety & Policy

Basic Safety Rules

SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED has the following safety rules for the protection of all employees:

  1. All employees must wear approved personal protective equipment while on site.
  2. On the job, know your job, follow instructions and where unsure, as your supervisor.
  3. Promptly report to the supervisor when one’s physical condition is unsatisfactory.
  4. Do not stand or sit under a suspended load.
  5. Do not work directly under other persons who are working above without adequate PPE?
  6. Use the right tools and equipment for the job; do not improvise
  7. Do not run within the construction area or indulge in horseplay or practical jokes while you are working.
  8. Do not read while working.
  9. Do not operate, use, repair or alter any plant or equipment unless you are authorized to do so.
  10. Fighting and horseplay are strictly prohibited
  11. Report unsafe equipment to your supervisor immediately. Do not remove safety devices from machines or attempt to operate a machine without such devices.
  12. Do not drive any vehicle or watercraft at speeds exceeding their designated speed limit.
  13. Do not throw or drop any tools or materials from a height at your colleague.
  14. Forklift operators must not carry loads that are capable of blocking their view.

N.B: Always keep compressed gas cylinders tied off in an upright vertical position during storage or transit. Must be installed on all gas cylinders and must be removed from construction areas and returned to the appropriate storage rack. Report all injuries or accidents on-site immediately, no matter how minor. First Aid will be available to employees for routine first aid cases. When refuelling a vehicle or mobile equipment, be sure to shut off the engine. The driver is responsible for the safety of all passengers and shall inspect the vehicle h day before use. Advise fellow workers if any imminent safety hazard is discovered. Do not smoke or use open fire, except in designated areas. Obtain a permit to work before any hot work and excavation works or any hazardous work being carried out. Obey all specific rules, warning signs and other safety notices. The company strictly prohibits drinking any alcohol or taking any drugs or narcotics restricted by law during normal working time.

HSE Policies

It is the policy of SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED to plan and conduct all of its activities in such a manner that the health and safety of all personnel of the company are properly safeguarded.

SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED shall carry out all its activities in such a manner as to minimize the negative impact of its operations on the environment.

SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED will conduct training programs to educate all personnel on proper safety and environmental awareness. SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED considers that it is the duty of all employees to prevent self-injury and to safeguard against injury to co-workers. Every employee and sub-contractor shall plan and carry out his duties in accordance with this policy.

All safety officer and their supervisors will adhere to the procedures for reporting unsafe acts unsafe conditions LTIs and near misses. Proper reporting will give the management the opportunity to identify and eliminate the causes of LTIs and near misses, which is the ultimate goal of our safety policy.

SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED will conduct routine safety Audits and inspections to identify and prevent unsafe working practices. All employees and sub-contractors of SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED are expected to report to their immediate supervisors and to the safety department all unsafe acts.

If we work together in improving our awareness of our own safety and the safety of the people working with us and the impact of our operations on the environment, we can achieve the goal of “No Lost Time Injuries” Little or No Negative Impact of Our Operations on the environment.

It is a central policy of our group to conduct all its activities in such a way that the health and safety of its personnel and clients are paramount whilst giving due consideration to the conservation needs of the work environment. Achievement of a safe and healthy workplace is an integral component of SABDEF’s HSES policy.


SABDEF believes in and understands the role of good health in increasing both the quality and productivity of employees. Hence, the health of our employees and the third party is of great and cardinal interest.


SABDEF Civil Company Limited is in view that man and his environments are mutually inseparable. As Practicing Environmental professionals we are ethically and morally bound to apply the best practicable environmentally friendly means to preserve air, water, soil, plant and animal life.


SABDEF Civil Company Limited staff are trained to observe and exercise due care and diligence at all times through exposure to standard safety procedures; whilst all unsafe acts are discouraged in the workplace through regular safety drills.


All our services are supported by strict adherence to contingency procedures meant to minimize the risk of accident and we work with the relevant authorities and emergency services in an appropriate manner in the implementation of these contingency procedures.

Occupation Health Policy

All staff shall be medically fit and shall remain medically fit throughout their employment.

SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED shall maintain insurance against any liability that may result in the event of any personnel suffering occupational disease or any impairment to health.

The company’s retained Clinic shall handle all routine medical and medical emergencies. “No Smoking” rules must be enforced

Community Affairs & Security Management policy

In response to the increasing experiences of security threats to lives, equipment and company properties, this plan when activated in a security emergency is intended to safeguard lives and properties. A team headed by our Head of Security Department shall coordinate response to all emergencies.
It is the policy of SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED to plan and conduct all of its activities in such a manner that the security of all personnel of the company, sub-contractors and third parties are properly safeguarded SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED is sensitive to the needs and concerns of the host communities. SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED has it as a policy and function to manage security and community affairs as an integral part of the business so as to minimize the number of security and community-related incidents to all staff clients and third party personnel involved in the operations. To this effect, the HSE department and all staff should be committed. For enhancement of the harmonious relationship between the company and host communities with the aim of ultimately reducing operating costs, and shut down (production determent) culminating from the unhealthy company-community relationship. SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED shall engage 60% of the non-skilled workforce from the local host community or as agreed with the client community liaison.

SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED shall engage a community liaison officer who shall liaise between the community and the company on matters such as employment of indigenous and community development projects. The implementation of the community relations plan shall be the responsibility of the community/corporate affairs department.

SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED has it as a policy and function to manage community affairs as an integral part of the company’s business with a view to maintaining a good relationship between the company and her host community. SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED shall therefore co-operate and develop an interface with the client and third parties to avoid unnecessary delays shut down and of course unwarranted loss of man-hours. Prior to mobilization/movement to my locality, SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED shall pay a visit to the community chiefs and leaders. Any community disturbance or threat shall be reported to the chief without delay.


To be proactive and discourage attacks on project personnel, equipment and facilities by any group of persons. To have a clearly defined response pattern to each type of security emergency identified. To minimize the consequences of any surprise attack on project personnel and equipment.

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