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Oil Field Services

SABDEF CIVIL COMPANY LIMITED provides products and services to the Oil and Gas industry. We specialize in wellhead maintenance; pipeline pigging of (Flowline, Bulk line, Delivery line and Trunk Line) Manifold frontline maintenance, chemical cleaning of air condition system, heat exchanger, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), and industrial painting design and decoration. We also provide all kinds of drilling fluid, mud fluid and industrial chemicals and sanctification of equipment moving machines.

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Environmental Impact Assessment

We carry out (EIA) studies to guide the activities and development of all projects listed in Decree No. 86 of 1992 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for which EIA is mandatory. We suggest mitigation strategies and prepare a statutory Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

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Environmental Monitoring and Site Assessment

We carry out long and short-term monitoring programs for historical factors affecting site environmental conditions with respect to air, water, soil, noise and vegetation for private or Corporate Insurance purposes.

Pollution Control and Waste Management Engineering

We provide and give strategic advice on cost-effective safe management of all
types of domestic, industrial, toxic and hazardous wastes, including appropriate
technology for the minimization, recycling, remediation and safe disposal of wastes in an environmentally friendly way, viz:-

  • Soil Sanitation/Decontamination
  • Soil Purification Methods
  • Groundwater Purification
Our Strategies
Clean Up Strategy

The strategy adopted for our clean up depends on the scope of work as provided by the client in line with DPR EGASPIN standard and the environment of the spill. The steps below summarize the activities involved in our clean up;

  • Site Preparation
  • Containment and Recovery of free phase oil from the environment
  • Clearing and removal of oily debris within the impacted area.
  • Scraping and removal of heavily polluted soil.
  • Storage of recover oil/waste and transportation to a waste management facility
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Remediation/Restoration Strategy

The strategy to be adopted here shall be Remediation by Enhanced Natural Attenuation (RENA). This form of bioremediation involves intensive and systematic land farming and windrowing approach to maximize the factors that promote biodegradation of hydrocarbons by indigenous bacteria with access to oxygen, water, heat, light and nutrient.

The unique nature of the ecosystem and the tropical climate in the Niger Delta region supports RENA.

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Enough Talk, Let's Build The Future Together

We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services to the oil & gas, civil, marine and road construction in Nigeria.

What They’re Saying

They always give you the best and even without your presence at the site, you’re sure of getting a good finishing. Thanks Sabdef civil company Ltd.

Adavore Vwaire Emmanuel

Thank you for the superior job well done…I found you to have solid oil field skills with a high level of professionalism.

Susan Francis
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